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Where to Start with Collecting Art?

Before building an art collection, it will be of great help to develop a deeper understanding of the art world. These tips will help you grow in your art journey.


Your own Art Collection

We believe that everyone can buy art and that everyone can start an art collection. Collecting art is definitely not only for the rich. It is important to realize that there is a difference between buying art to decorate your home and collecting art. In general it can be said that starting an art collection is an activity. It requires patience and (self)education but gives you the space to express yourself and support the arts.

Start Small

When developing an art collection, it is wise to start small. Not only are small works cheaper but they also give you the chance to explore and discover your taste. Patience is also a very important aspect: don’t be tempted to create a collection in a hurry, but take your time to create a collection that is perfect for you personally.

Artistic Education

Before building a collection, it will help immensely to take some time to explore the art world through blogs, galleries or expositions. This way you learn to understand different techniques and to recognize qualitative works. Reading art literature such as Tableaux magazine, poking around in the art history section of the library and visiting museums contribute to your artistic education. Everyone has probably heard of Banksy, Karel Appel or Shepard Fairey, but not everyone is familiar with the different techniques they use and the value of their works. For example, a watercolor is worth a lot less than an oil painting.

Develop your taste

When you get more into the art world, you will also have to discover what does and what doesn’t appeal to you. A collection often must have some kind of cohesion. A collection can represent you as a person, but also a movement of a shaped theme, artist or medium. It is recommended that you choose art that you have a connection with.

Get involved

Try to see and visit as much art as possible in museums, galleries, art fairs or at art auctions. Most importantly, talk to people! Curators, art collectors and even artists themselves can help you enormously by sharing their knowledge, and are often happy to do so. We also recommend that you subscribe to mailing lists of galleries, museums, art auctions, etc. so that you stay involved. At the bottom of this page you can easily subscribe to our newsletter so that you stay informed about new works in our collection, exhibitions and other interesting updates. Feel free to contact us for any of your art questions.

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