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Where to Buy KAWS Artwork?

Are you looking to buy an artwork from KAWS? Due to the exclusivity of his work it can be quite challenging to get your hands on it. So what are good places to start looking? Besides camping in front of your computer on the official site, we have selected a few portals that you can use to purchase a real KAWS.

Who is KAWS?

Brooklyn-based, KAWS is a world-renowned artist who regularly exhibits in museums and galleries internationally. KAWS, was born as Brian Donnelly in New Jersey in 1974. In the 90s he ended up in Brooklyn, New York where he worked as an illustrator at Disney after his Bachelor of Fine Arts at the School of Visual Arts. At night he transformed into a graffiti artist, parodying existing advertisements on billboards, bus shelters and telephone booths. He also focuses on creating his own fantasy figures inspired by existing pop culture icons. 

"The 500-issue art toy sold out almost immediately."

Eventually, KAWS gets noticed when producing toys based on his fantasy figures: his signature cartoons are coming to life. In 1999, in collaboration with the Japanese toy company Bounty Hunter, he created his first toy figure, called Companion. Inspired by Mickey Mouse, but with a distinct design and crosses instead of eyes. The 500-issue art toy sold out almost immediately.

KAWS is a master in combining commerce and art and is therefore sometimes associated with Andy Warhol. His artworks are available for all walks of life; for example, you can own a KAWS key ring from 15 dollars, but Sotheby's Hong Kong auctioned his painting The Kaws Album for 14.7 million US dollars in April 2019 – a record amount for the American artist.

KAWS has collaborated with several famous streetwear clothing brands such as Supreme and Bape but also with internationally recognized fashion houses like Dior and Louis Vuitton. Furthermore, KAWS designed several album covers for Kanye West. He truely is a versatile artists and his sales value growth rate makes him one of the most solid artists to invest in.

Where to Buy Authentic Kaws Artwork?

High demand has made everything KAWS produces hard to get your hands on from an official release. If you search hard enough you will be able to find what you’re looking for from KAWS. We suggest to buy KAWS artworks from a gallery or through online art platforms like Artsy. This will make sure that authenticity is guaranteed and payment is safe. Here are our favourite places to shop for a KAWS artwork:

  1. Art Gallery: as a gallery, we off-course recommend to buy your artworks with the help of a gallery. But why you may ask? The artwork displayed at a gallery generally comes straight from the artist, so you can be confident that it will be authentic and of good quality. Most galleries, like ours, also provide a Certificate of Authenticity for each artwork, for both original artworks and prints, which is great for your peace of mind and also for your insurance company. Besides these benefits, relying on the professionalism, customer service, experience and research of an art gallery can be a good choice.  
  2. Artsy: another top recommendation is to do your KAWS artwork shopping at Artsy.net. Every purchase made with Artsy benefits from a full suite of buyer protections, making Artsy a safe place to buy KAWS artwork or any art you love. 
  3. StockX: Perhaps the most popular place to buy and sell new KAWS merchandise is StockX. Authenticity at StockX is guaranteed and they have a decently responsive customer service team if there are any issues. With this authenticity guarantee does come a higher price though.
  4. Ebay: is full of KAWS artwork and merchandise but, be beware, not everything on ebay is original or authentic. When looking at an Ebay listing be sure to review the Seller’s feedback and to check out the pictures. Best is to compare the pictures to a more reputable site like Artsy or a gallery.

We update our collection regularly and often offer new KAWS artworks. So subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date about new releases or browse our current collection KAWS artworks here.

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