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Most Valued Works by Blek le Rat

Blek le Rat is a French street artist who is widely considered to be one of the pioneers of the modern street art movement. His work often features rats and other urban imagery, and he has been a major influence on many of today's most famous street artists. In this blog post, we will take a look at some of the highest valued artworks by Blek le Rat and explore what makes them so valuable.

First on the list is "Le Rat Blanc," a classic piece by Blek le Rat that depicts a white rat in the midst of a bustling cityscape. This piece is considered one of the artist's most iconic works and has been widely reproduced in various forms, including limited edition prints and graffiti murals. The original painting of "Le Rat Blanc" is valued at over $100,000.

Next is "The Little Rat," which was created in the early 1980s and features a small rat in a suit, holding a briefcase. This piece is considered a commentary on the rat race of modern society and the pressure to succeed. The original painting of "The Little Rat" is valued at over $80,000.

Another highly valued piece by Blek le Rat is "The Inconvenient Truth," which was created in 2007. This piece features a rat holding a sign that reads "The Inconvenient Truth" and is a commentary on the global environmental crisis. The original painting of "The Inconvenient Truth" is valued at over $70,000.

Finally, "The Couple" is an artwork that features two rats sitting on a bench, holding hands. This piece is considered a commentary on the human condition and the search for companionship. The original painting of "The Couple" is valued at over $50,000.

In conclusion, Blek le Rat's artworks are known for their striking imagery and commentary on contemporary issues. His use of rats as a symbol for the urban experience and commentary on social and political issues has made his work highly valued by collectors. If you are interested in owning one of these iconic artworks by Blek le Rat, please visit our gallery website and contact us for more information. We have a wide variety of artworks by Blek le Rat available for purchase.

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