It can be difficult to navigate the world of contemporary art since there are so many new artist that enter the art space every day. Although the online exhibition space offers a plethora of marketing options, it is more and more difficult for artists to get picked up by prominent galleries or to draw attention from collectors and art enthusiasts.

Imagine you as a collection had bought a Banksy for only €100 back in 2004. The prices of Banksy’s artworks have since escalated and you’d likely be able to sell it for more than €100,000 today. What does this tell us? If you buy the right contemporary art, you could be making a smart investment. 


We from Art Gallery Arterego are here to help and we have highlighted 8 contemporary artists to watch in 2021. These artists have a reputation that is on the rise and are featured in exhibitions all over the world, they capture the attention of art collectors and are on the verge of breaking auction records.

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Artists to watch in 2021


  1. Gabriele Bruns Gabriele is an artist from Hamburg and makes beautiful often very time consuming artworks that are related to her mood. Check out her Instagram for more inspiration

  2. Peter de Boer – is one of our favorite artists of the moment since De Boer really can capture the essence of being close to nature in his often surfing related compositions. He often depicts a path leading to the sea in his melancholic seascapes and dune landscapes. The sea as a destination is a metaphor for freedom.

  3. Os Gêmeos – is a Brazilian graffiti-artist duo notable for their large-format paintings of yellow figures. Blending influences of Brazilian folklore, hip-hop culture, political commentary, and personal history, many of their murals and paintings are centered on characters in a self-made fantasy world.

  4. Helena Pallarés– Helena Pallarés is a Spanish artist and illustrator based in Paris. Her work is entirely based on the technique of collage which she works in very diverse ways: digital, handmade or even mixed with pencil drawing, a particular technique used to create her portraits. 

  5. Fei Alexeli – Fei Alexeli’s work often contrasts lush, picturesque landscapes with scenes of outer space and simple geometrics. Also working in illustration, she uses vibrant colours combined with bold imagery like palm leaves and red lips to create iconic compositions.

  6. Casper Faassen – Artist Casper Faassen grew up in Leiden but now works in Amsterdam. His work is figurative and is characterized by drawings and paintings of women. He is influenced by the great masters of art history and in particular Picasso. Casper Faassen is an emerging talent and in won the prize of  “Most Promising Visual Artist” in 2007. Various international exhibitions displayed his work and is sought after by art collectors worldwide.

  7. Robin Burger– Robin Burger is an artist based in the Netherlands whose paintings have been exhibited nationally. With a background in graphic design, his vibrant collage-based compositions feature bold, playful, and colorful imagery that connects with modern and urban surroundings. Through his artistic practice, Burger endeavors to “give energy and expression to your living spaces”.

  8. Bernard Pras – Bernard Pras has established a reputation as a virtuoso of the anamorphosis and of the juxtaposition of objects, carefully chosen to be in resonance with his subjects or in normal words: he creates an image that is comprehensible from a single, pre-defined point of view. Very intriguing.


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