Banksy is one of the world’s most famous Street Art artist. In July 2019, this anonymous graffiti artist was even named Britain’s favorite artist, leaving Leonardo da Vinci, Pablo Picasso and Claude Monet behind.

His identity remains a mystery to this day, but his work is considered the most

Recently, another record price has been paid for a Banksy artwork. Show Me The Monet became the second most expensive Banksy painting ever sold at auction, selling for £7.5 million at Sotheby’s. This record price confirms the incredible amounts paid for Banksy art. With prices continuing to rise, investing in Banksy’s art is proving to be a good choice.

Limited edition prints from Banksy are also sold for record prices. For example, a Very Little Helps print by Banksy is worth about €120,000. While it cost around €20,000-25,000 during release.

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